Kavina Burmo-Rothenburg

Kavina Burmo Rothenburg

Senior Vice Principal

Kavina has been teaching for 15 years, nine of which have been spent as a Senior Leader across three schools.

Kavina grew up in the town of Immingham in North East Lincolnshire and went on to spend the first seven years of her teaching career serving the community she grew up in.

Kavina joined the Future Leaders Programme in 2011 and began work at The South Leeds Academy.

Kavina has spent the last seven years leading on behaviour, student outcomes and school culture. Within 18 months of joining her previous school as Deputy Headteacher, the school moved from an Ofsted rating of Special Measures to Good.

Kavina is passionate about all young people having the very best educational experience so they have the opportunity and choice to attend university or a viable alternative. Kavina is excited about being part of the Dixons Unity team that will ensure our community have the best school in Leeds.