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Leadership Team

The following staff list is effective from 1 September 2021.
Staff CodeStaff NameRole
NMIMr N MileyExecutive Principal
GROMs G RothenburgPrincipal
KBRMrs K Burmo-RothenburgVice Principal
KPAMrs K PaddyVice Principal
NBOMr N BowkerVice Principal
HBOMrs H BoydAssistant Vice Principal
SCLMs S ClynesAssistant Vice Principal
PGRMr P GraysonAssistant Vice Principal
SHMMrs S HamiltonAssistant Vice Principal
JWAMs J WatsonAssistant Vice Principal
Ms P ParmarAssistant Vice Principal
MMOMr M MorganOperations Business Manager (PFI)
ADOMrs A DowningAssociate Assistant Vice Principal
ATIMiss A TitorenkoAssociate Assistant Vice Principal
TLAMr T LascellesTrust Assistant Vice Principal

Ms H PinkmanTrust Assistant Vice Principal

Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff list has been sorted in alphabetical order by surname.

Staff CodeStaff NameDepartment
AAAMrs A Alderson-JaggerCreative Arts (Head of Department)

Creative Arts
AMBMrs A BrierleyScience
ADOMrs A DowningEnglish (Head of Year 11)
KDOMiss K DownsMathematics
JEVMrs J EvansBusiness & ICT (Head of Department)
WFAMr W FawcettMathematics
CFIMr C FiguresModern Languages
OFOMr O FolaranmiScience

HFRMrs H FrancisEnglish
JGIMr J GittensPhysical Education (Head of Department)
KGOMrs K GodwinEnglish (Head of Department)
BHLMs B HaleyScience
ZHAMr Z HassanScience
LHAMs L HazlewoodSEND
BHIMiss B HibbertHumanities

JJCMr J JacksonCreative Arts (Head of Year 8)
LJPMr L JessopEnglish
AJOMr A JonesPhysical Education
MKBMr M KeebleScience (Head of Department)
JKGMs J KingHumanities (Head of Department)

RMDMiss R MahmoodScience

SNAMiss S NashHumanities
NPAMrs N ParkerMathematics

APUMs A PuskacovaSpecialist Provision
JRAMrs J RankinModern Languages (Head of Year 9)
FRCMr F Recalde CaneteModern Languages
HROMs H RobsonCreative Arts
RROMr R RoseScience
LRUMiss L RussellHumanities
ASBMrs A Sabbo-WilsonEnglish as an Additional Language
ESAMrs E SapeyMathematics (Head of Department)
ADIMiss A Sousa-DiasEnglish as an Additional Language
RSTMr R StearmanHumanities
LSNMs L StonesEnglish (Head of Year 7)
STAMiss S TaylorCreative Arts
STEMs S TelferModern Languages
ATIMiss A TitorenkoPhysical Education (Head of Year 10)
KWEMiss K WheelhouseModern Languages
MWOMr M WorrallHumanities

Associate Staff

Our associate staff list has been sorted in alphabetical order by surname.

Staff CodeStaff NameDepartment / Role
EBOMrs E BottomleySenior Administration Assistant

Learning Support Assistant
TELMrs T ElsworthLearning Support Assistant
AGEMs A GermainAssistant Head of Year 11
LHVMiss L HarveySafeguarding Officer

Office Manager
AHOMr A HowgateScience Technician
NHUMs N HurleyAssistant Head of Year 10
RIBMrs R IbehEnglish as an Additional Language
PIAMiss P IsaacHR Assistant & PA to the Principal
MOJMr O JavedCover Supervisor
GJEMr G JenkinsAssistant Head of Year 9
GLAMiss G LawrenceData and Exams Manager
CLYMrs C LyonsLearning Support Assistant
ZMCMrs Z McMillanEnglish as an Additional Language
DMRMrs D MillerLearning Support Assistant
BPEMr B PearceBusiness Links Coordinator
JPOMiss J PooleBehaviour and Learning Officer
PRLMr P Royal-LawsonWellbeing Hub Coordinator
SSDMrs S ShoulderLearning Support Assistant
SSMMiss S SmithAttendance Administration Assistant
SLSMrs S StanilandAttendance Manager
ASTMr A StevensAssistant Head of Year 7
NDSMiss N StevensAdministration Assistant
FSUMrs F SugdenAttendance Administration Assistant
GWAMrs G WainwrightReceptionist
TWAMiss T WaltonLearning Support Assistant
EWIMrs E WilliamsLiteracy & Library Assistant
DWNMr D WilsonCover Supervisor
EWOMs E WoodAssistant Head of Year 8

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