Year 6 Transition Competition

At Dixons Unity Academy, we pride ourselves on knowing our students, not just academically, but also personally. As you may know, all our students follow and adhere to 3 main values, they are RESPECT, INTEGRITY and RESILIENCE.

To help us know you better, we would like to invite you to tell us, what these words mean to you and an example of how you have demonstrated each of our values.

Mr Carr will select the students with the best 3 responses and award gift vouchers at the start of the new term.

1st prize £30 gift voucher

2nd prize £20 gift voucher

3rd prize £10 gift voucher

You may want to use the postcards available to download below to write your thoughts on, or if you are feeling like you want to write more, please use any paper instead.

We have included 2 postcards, one is an example, so if you are struggling to get started this may help. The other is for those keen beans who know exactly how they are going to tackle this competition!

Bring your responses and hand to your new form tutor on the first day of term.

Let the challenge commence!

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Letters and badges about to go out to staff who have completed their first year of service at Dixons Unity. Thank you to you all for your commitment to our community! #integrity #resilience #respect
9:53am 10.07.2020


@micci_britton @Daddie_Sy It is hard to tell from the photo but they do look more like trainers than the second pair - probably why he likes them more! It’s so hard with school shoes these days but we really appreciate you asking about this. We can then focus on learning when he arrives! We can’t wait!
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@micci_britton @Daddie_Sy We would recommend the second pair you’ve identified as the best option. Thank you for checking.
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@Daddie_Sy We look forward to welcoming Thomas to our community. Please contact us if you would like us to contact you to discuss anything at all.
8:24pm 07.07.2020