Focus on learning

At Dixons Unity Academy, we want to make sure no second of learning is wasted. Every decision in school is focused on maximising the learning for everyone.

We help our students to value learning by activating them as owners of their own learning.

Our teachers are passionate about teaching and learning and have a real respect for their learners as people with ideas of their own. Every teacher at Dixons Unity Academy receives weekly coaching from an experienced colleague. This is sharply focused on how to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. Teachers’ expertise allows them to 'read' their classrooms and to be more responsive to learners. Teachers at Dixons Unity Academy encourage feedback in everything that we do and use this, as well as other opportunities, to maximise learning.

We firmly believe that assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning. Therefore, every lesson at Dixons Unity will show evidence of the following core features:

  • personalised learning activities
  • effective formative assessment
  • clear development and structure of learning

Other key elements of the academy approach to learning include:

  • tutors who coach students to seek and build authentic learning experiences inside and outside of the academy building
  • adhering to our three literacy strategies: reading book in possession at all times (reading); speak in full sentences with no slang (speaking); track the speaker/s (listening)
  • harnessing the power of feedback to increase student learning. We ensure that feedback causes cognitive rather than emotional reactions

Instead of excusing bad learning habits we insist on good learning habits day-in and day-out with high expectations and no excuses.

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We had a wonderful time celebrating the amazing victory of #teamAI in the Mosaic National enterprise challenge. I managed to get through my interrogation from the lads and won the hot sauce challenge! #nandos #xhotsauce #resilience #respect @HamzahkhanHKH @MosaicNetwork
7:47am 15.06.2019


the rest of the school and wider community will continue to build. Good luck out there in the big, bad world and, remember, we are always here for you if you ever need us. Always. #integrity #resilience #respect
7:30am 15.06.2019


an increased level of resilience and a greater respect for themselves and others. I have been blown away by their confidence and desire to do well. Whatever the outcome in August, I know we have added value to their lives and laid a foundation together on which
7:23am 15.06.2019


Yesterday we said goodbye to the first ever Year 11 cohort at Dixons Unity Academy. I am proud of the way they have adapted to our vision, values and culture. They have grown and thrived as people. I know they will go out into the wider world with a stronger sense of integrity;
7:23am 15.06.2019