Dixons Unity Academy | Community Action Day - Friday 7 June
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Dixons Unity Academy

Community Action Day - Friday 7 June

Posted 11th June 2024

Community Action Day - Friday 7 June

On Friday 7 June, DUA and Whingate Primary worked together with Citizens UK on our first Community Action Day. The aim of the day was to gather data on car use and litter in the local community, so we can work out our next steps as a community to make improvements.

As students arrived to school in the morning and left in the afternoon, parent volunteers and Whingate students counted cars and noted instances of dangerous driving and parking. In the middle of the day, students from DUA and Whingate went out with parent and community volunteers - including local councillor Lou Cunningham and Labour candidate for Leeds South West and Morley, Mark Sewards - and collected more than 800 pieces of litter. Additionally, one brave volunteer amassed 0.7kg of dog waste.

Following our Community Action Day, we are hoping to secure a number of litter and dog waste bins, and additional support for pedestrians crossing and parking management. If you have any feedback on our Community Action Day, or could offer us any support in the areas we are working towards, please get in touch by emailing unitycommunity@dixonsua.com