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Cycle 3 Assessments - Year 8

Posted 20th May 2024

Dear families

It has been fantastic to see Year 8 continuing to mature as a year group. They have covered a wide range of topics in all their subjects over the past couple of years, and it is important that they consolidate the powerful knowledge they have gained. Sitting summative assessments gives students the opportunity to revise past learning, show the teachers what they are capable of, and receive support in closing their knowledge gaps after the assessment papers have been marked.

Your child will be completing their Cycle 3 assessments towards the end of the academic year. They will complete some assessments in lessons and will also complete some assessments in the Main Hall / Dance Studio between Monday 24 June 2024 and Friday 28 June 2024. This will give them experience of a formal exam, which is important in preparing for Year 11 examinations.

Whether assessments are sat in lesson or in the Main Hall, it is crucial that your child tries their best, completes the assessment independently and in silence, and follows all assessment instructions. Please see below for an overview of Cycle 3 assessment dates which are taking place in the Main Hall / Dance Studio:

  • Monday 24 June: Spanish (1hr 40mins)
  • Tuesday 25 June: Maths Paper 1 (1hr) and English Paper 1 (50mins)
  • Wednesday 26 June: Science (1 hour) and History (50mins)
  • Thursday 27 June: English Paper 2 (50mins)
  • Friday 28 June: Maths Paper 2 (1hr) English Paper 3 (50 mins) Geography (55 mins)

In order to support your child in being successful in these important assessments please:

  • Reiterate the importance of attending punctually every day to ensure no lessons or assessments are missed
  • Remind your child to complete all homework to the best of their ability and on time
  • Encourage and support your child to revise using booklets, revision websites signposted by their teachers, the Knowledge Organisers in their planners and other revision materials that they have been given

You can also support your child by ensuring they have an early night before an assessment, that they have breakfast (using our breakfast club if they wish) and take in a bottle of water for the academy day / assessments. The weather can be warm at this time of year, and it is important that your child is comfortable and hydrated.

Once the assessments have been marked, your child’s teacher will give feedback lessons on the assessment, and record a question level analysis, which will feed into planning, lesson delivery and interventions. You will also receive a Cycle Three report via the MCAS app.

If you have any queries about the upcoming assessments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours faithfully

Mrs K Paddy

Vice Principal

C3 Assessment Letter Year 8