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Mock General Election at Dixons Unity Academy

Posted 7th June 2024

Mock General Election at Dixons Unity Academy

On Friday 4 July the UK will go to the polls in the General Election. At DUA, we recognise that democracy plays a key role in the pursuit of our mission to ensure that all students reach university or a real alternative and go on to lead happy and purposeful lives.

In Personal Development Studies, students have been learning about the government mandated British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and mutual respect. These values closely mirror our own Academy Values of resilience, integrity and respect and we see the upcoming General Election as a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience democracy in action and understand how these values work intrinsically together.

With this in mind, we are excited to inform you that you all students will be taking part in a Mock General Election on July 4. Five of our teaching staff have volunteered to represent the five political parties of Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Reform UK. We have a variety of activities planned through Personal Development Studies and Tutor Time including snap polling and live debates. We are working to secure a visit from local candidates and the campaign will culminate in all students going to place their votes in a mocked up polling station on July 4.

We hope that you share our view that democracy and representation are fundamental factors in creating a society that works better for all and we encourage you to use our Mock General Election as a springboard for discussions at home. We are offering support to register to vote on Friday 14 June in the Unity Community.

Meet the Candidates

Conservatives: Ms Crabtree

Advocates for free-market policies, reducing government spending, and maintaining a strong national defense while emphasising traditional values and individual responsibility.

Labour: Mr McCormack

Focuses on social justice, public ownership of key services, wealth redistribution, and workers' rights, aiming to reduce inequality through government intervention.

Liberal Democrats: Mr Gordon

Promotes civil liberties, social liberalism, environmental sustainability, and electoral reform, seeking to balance individual freedoms with social justice.

The Green Party: Ms Fitz-Gibbon

Emphasises environmental sustainability, social justice, and grassroots democracy, advocating for policies to address climate change and reduce inequality.

Reform UK: Mr Recalde

Focuses on reforming the political system, reducing taxes, and cutting government bureaucracy, advocating for a strong national defense and controlled immigration policies.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in the post further, please contact Mr Worrall or Ms Clynes (sclynes@dixonsua.com).