Dixons Unity Academy | Learning Habit 2: On Task
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Dixons Unity Academy

Learning Habit 2: On Task

Students who wish to succeed are always on-task in every lesson and behave in a purposeful manner outside of lessons. Being on task means that other students can learn without disruption and allows the teacher to teach what they have planned.

Being on task at Dixons Unity means:

  • Following the learning mode of the classroom or learning space.
  • Following instructions first time, every time.
  • Completing all work and asking for help when needed.
  • Transitioning quickly and quietly between lessons.
  • Falling silent when staff raise their hands.

The Learning Modes referred to above are as follows:

  • Respectful whole class – in silence tracking (looking at) the teacher.
  • Independent silent study – in silence working on your own,
  • Quiet partners – using two-foot voices to work with the person next to you.
  • Polite table groups – collaborating as a group (this is most often used in practical subjects).

The behaviour policy linked below gives full details of our recognition, learning habits and consequences.