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Dixons Unity Academy

Student Recognition

We want students to be motivated by the intrinsic value of achievement; however, we are committed to acknowledging students for developing good learning habits.

Student Appreciations

Each week, every member of the academy staff gives a student appreciation for demonstrating our values, strong progress or for displaying a real commitment to the academy or the local community. Appreciations are shared during morning meeting each week and communicated to families weekly via the MCAS App.

Recognition Phone Calls

Each week, every member of the academy staff will make at least one recognition call home. These phone calls recognise our students for demonstrating our values.

Principal’s Breakfast

Every week students who have gone ‘above and beyond’ are nominated by staff to have breakfast with the Principal.

Recognition Events

Throughout the year, students who have demonstrated excellent learning habits are acknowledged with an invitation to a special event. The Senior Leadership Team decides which students attend based on a range of factors including behaviour and attendance.

Recognition Points

Each lesson, staff are required to award three recognition points based on our values. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges will be awarded to students who pass each threshold. Students who are awarded bronze, silver and gold badges will be placed into regular raffles with recognition items on offer. Platinum students will be invited to regular 'Platinum Parties' to recognise their achievements. Students who are awarded with recognition badges will also be invited to recognition events. Recognition points are visible to parents on the MCAS app. Recognition points will also contribute to our form time competitions. Recognition points will be reset each cycle therefore there will be opportunities to receive up to three badges per year.

Recognition Assembly

Each term, we host a Recognition Assembly with our students. Students are recognised for demonstrating our values within subjects, attendance, behaviour, and progress. In addition, at the end of each cycle we hold a recognition event where families and students are invited to celebrate achievements from the previous cycle.

The behaviour policy linked below gives full details of our recognition, learning habits and consequences.