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As a Dixons Academy, our curriculum is aligned to a common set of Trust-wide principles which are underpinned by our mission to challenge educational and social disadvantage in the North. We believe all students are entitled to an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum which will open doors and maximise life chances.

At Dixons Unity, we challenge social inequality by instilling shared powerful knowledge through a curriculum which is broad and balanced. Each subject specifies the knowledge students need to remember, underpinned by the National Curriculum and wider subject domains. As such, in each discipline, students are prepared for national assessments, and importantly, acquire knowledge that builds wider cultural capital.

Our five-year curriculum is designed to be as broad as possible for as long as possible so that students engage with the best of what has been thought and said; as such, they acquire powerful knowledge that builds wider cultural capital. Our curriculum is also designed to prepare students for success in their qualifications which will ultimately improve their life chances. It is this balance of examination preparation coupled with teaching to the domain, which will equip our students to not only compete nationally but, more importantly, change their world and community for the better.

At the start of the secondary curriculum, students study English, mathematics, science, Spanish, geography, history, religious education, art and design, computing, music, drama, food technology and physical education.

Our end of Year 11 examination curriculum is broad and balanced with a strong core in the EBacc - English, mathematics, science, Spanish and history or geography. All students also study RE and can choose two further options from a range of subjects such as: Enterprise, Health & Social Care, computing, art and design, music and Sport.

At Dixons Unity, we teach our students powerful knowledge so that they can understand and interpret the world and think in new and unexpected ways. With the democratisation of knowledge, our students will be incredibly successful in examinations and will go on to use this understanding to achieve great things in the world.

Further details of our curriculum and how it fits into the academy week can be found in the document below.

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